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Srilankan Girls Photo

Srilankan Girls Photo. The glamorous pageant to choose Miss Sri Lanka 2007 was held at the Hilton Hotel on April 10, 2007. Aruni Rajapakse, from Kandy won the hearts of the audience, several mini-parades and took the crown.

Srilankan Beautiful Girls Photo

She has a perfect figure of the thin and wore a shirt and comfortable micro mini skirt, shook her hair, which frankly was stroking her beautiful face and the eyes of your cat inside and outside gripping, Niroshan had a conversation with ‘Oomph . While our magazine photographer had his pistol in his flash, the little ‘Marilyn Monroe’ started her story with the speed of a thousand words per second.


srilanka girls photo


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It seems that not much damage to his face after beaten by her husband. She told reporters that he had two plastic surgery on her face.



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